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Commercial Water Softener System


The build up of hard water scale significantly reduces efficiency and damages critical components. Trusco water softeners are designed to maximize removal of harmful calcium and magnesium ions that precipitate from hard water.


  • Continuous soft water with alternating twin tank design

  • Regeneration based on water use to minimize salt usage and cost associated with operation

  • Soft water regeneration for added performance

  • Non-corroding polyglass resin tank and high-density polyethylene brine tank

  • Dual guard brine operators for prevention of brine tank overflow and accurate brine selection

  • Adjustable regeneration cycles for efficient water usage

  • High-capacity, long-life cation exchange resin
    Pre-plumbed manifolds reduce field installation expense

  • Liquid filled pressure gauge

  • 25 to 125 PSI

  • 100°F maximum temperature

  • 24v, 110v, or 220v-50Hz electrical

  • 5-cycle regeneration (backwash, brine draw, slow rinse, fast rinse, and service)

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